Monthly Archives: August 2015

Monthly Archives: August 2015

Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Review

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Fear the walking dead, the much anticipated sister TV series (prequel) to the mega-hit “The Walking Dead” hit a record high in viewings last night with 10.1 million people watching it. Zombie series is very debatable in terms of reviews as it seems on one hand that there is a cult followership loving it, and on the other people who can’t stand it. However this is not your ordinary zombie series, since it is supposed to show viewers the early days of the outbreak …

E.S.A Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt.3: Penance

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ESA’s (Electronic Substance Abuse) sound is always a hard one to pin down. Taking influences initially from rhythmical noise acts, the overall structures have developed and integrated countless influences from the broad spectrum of alternative and extreme music. The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating sub conscious melodies and a strong sense of Spirituality. ESA’s compositions are undoubtedly threatening and offensive floor stomping club tunes but also twist and churn …

Grave Pleasures (x-Beastmilk) to release debut album “Dreamcrash” on September 4th via Sony

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Last year I was closing Beastmilk’s debut album “Climax” review with the following words: “All in all this album is a fantastic release and definitely one of the best listens I’ve had this year. “Climax” gives me hope that there is still life in a scene that many pundits rushed to claim “dead”. Want to name it “Album of the year”? “Best newcomer on the scene”? Best debut in 2013”? Whatever you choose to me it doesnt really matter. This …

Lindemann – Skills in Pills, fail to meet expectations

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I remember a couple of years ago when SEGA announced the new Allien:Colonial Marines game, a high anticipated FPS based on the cult movie Alien 2. It must have been more than a year I was spamming refresh on the SEGA web site, waiting impatiently for a release date announcement. Needless to say I purchased the game immediately and it took only 40 minutes to understand 100% how AI engine works, the sloppy job in graphics, the horrible game play …