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INFESTER “To the Depths, in Degradation” death metal re-release review and youtube stream

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Re-releases of “best kept secret” type of old bands, usually package attractively mediocre quality content using 80’s/90’s nostalgia and vinyl fetishism. Even when the music is good, most such bands were mere clones back at the day, therefore their (re-) discovery offers modest thrills. INFESTER is the exception to the rule. If, like me, you’ve never heard them then you’re in for a big surprise!


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DEAD CONGREGATION have announced a new EP entitled “Sombre Doom”. It will clock at 14 minutes and will feature two new tracks. It is the appropriate follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2nd full-length album “Promulgation Of The Fall”.

NUCLEAR WINTER “Abomination Virginborn” CD review

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I don’t recall exactly how many times I’ve written about this demo… Not enough! For those who’ve been on a coma for the last 13 years, “Abomination Virginborn”  is the most important Greek demo of the 00’s. It also is the recording who put Greek death metal in the map of the international underground, paving the way for the DEAD CONGREGATION phenomenon. ABOMINATION VIRGINBORN 7″EP [BB003] by NUCLEAR WINTER

DEAD CONGREGATION “Promulgation Of The Fall” album review

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Legacy Future is documenting the passage of death metal to a new era, as Dead Congregation are about to be crowned the new kings of the genre. Their brand new album can already be considered as a metal classic! Promulgation of the Fall by Dead Congregation