Artisan fruitiness from New England: Haze IPA craft beer review

Pours into a teku. Bright orange colour, entirely cloudy, with a white frothy head, that reduces swiftly to a thin lacing, escorted by the so called “wine legs” (for the sake of it all, we could substitute the specific term with “barley wine legs”…), lingering until the end. The utterly non-transparent, impenetrable, “juicy” appearance arouses our curiosity about what’s to come in the taste department.

Tree House Brewing Company – Haze 8.2%

Tree House Brewing Company – Haze 8.2%

Pungent, fruity aromas explode, as soon as we crack open the can, which are composed of orange, mango and passion-fruit, with some herbaceous tones in the background (pine, hemp, spices), that form a very pleasant, nearly a bit unusual, distinct nose. No alcohol presence (8.2%).

To claim the flavour is simply “fruity” would be an understatement!… A wall of fruits is “bombarding” our taste buds, making the beer an overnight-sensation, and may yet amaze even the most adamant hop-heads. Fruity notes are all over the place… Orange, mango, for the most part, and maybe a touch of peach. The “green” grassy elements are not absent, though. Spices, pine, accompanied by an almost creamy mouthfeel (not typical of an IPA to have such a texture, even an Imperial one), that clearly took us by surprise, eventually leading to a jaw-dropping grimace. Exceedingly, almost ridiculously, drinkable for a double IPA, with no alcohol detected, even when our ale has totally warmed up. There is a strange, familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, feeling, since this brew is hoppy, without being extremely bitter, it is semi-sweet, juicy/fruity, but it ain’t overly malty. Again, fruity aftertaste, that lasts, with a mild bitterness.

The verdict… Fruits everywhere… Even the “graceful” belches we emitted, were full of orange beautifulness… What more can we say?… An outstanding IPA, not overwhelmingly bitter, which may render the more traditional hop-heads, who are suckers for off-the-charts bitterness, a tad skeptical, at first; but once they immerse themselves in its “juicy”, mouth-watering complexity, they will get to love it. The hype is real…

Enter the new IPA era…

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