An american beer by a Greek homebrewer: DARK CROPS I.P.A. craft beer review

Amber colour, translucent, with a rather solid white head, which dissipates relatively fast to a thin ring that lingers ‘till the end.



The aroma is a piney punch… We can primarily detect pine, spices, herbs. A green and grassy nose, that clearly displays the intentions of the brew.

Sharp bitter taste, which follows the nose a great deal, being almost a mirror image of it. No sweetness here, whatsoever. As our brew warms up, some tropical fruits (mango, passion fruit) are making their way out, in a subtle way. In addition, we can discern slight nuances of tangerine. The alcohol (6.6%) is completely masked, which renders the ale deceptively drinkable. Long-lasting bitter aftertaste, light to medium body.

A full-fledged west coast IPA from Greece, ladies and gentlemen! Hop-heads will have their day…

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