Stream on Bandcamp and download for free “IN BLACK WE CRUST” compilation!

Blackened crust, crusty black metal or blackpunk… Whatever! Check out “IN BLACK WE CRUST”, a fine worldwide compilation put together by Scholomance Webzine!

You can stream it on Bandcamp (see above) or download it.

A press release in french and english can be found here.

The artwork has been done by Maxime Taccardi.

Tracklist :

01. Kerberos (D-Beat / Crust / Black Metal – Indonésie)
02. Sataŋ (Black Metal / Crust Punk – France)
03. Kommando (Black Death / Thrash / Crust – Allemagne)
04. Nuisible (Blackened Crust Hardcore – France)
05. Coatl (Crust / Powerviolence / Black Metal – Mexique)
06. 흑염소  Huqueymsaw (Thrash Black Metal / Punk – Corée du Sud)
07. Feral Light (Black Metal / Crust – USA)
08. Mamedoro (Black / Hardcore – Japon)
09. Nag (Black Metal / Hardcore – Norvège)
10. World To Be Ashes (Atmospheric Black / Crust / Sludge / Doom – Indonésie)
11. Sordide (Atmospheric Black / Crust – France)
12. Avhath (Black Metal Crust / Hardcore – Indonésie)
13. Serpent Herder (Depressive Black / Post-Black / Crust – USA)
14. Dephosphorus (Black Metal cosmique / Crust – Grèce)
15. Pale Hands (Black Metal / Hardcore – USA)
16. Vorpal Sword (Raw Black / Harshnoise / Industrial / Crust – USA)
17. Seventh Circle (Blackened Hardcore / Death Metal / Crust – Belgique)
18. Seeds in Barren Fields (Black Metal / Crust / Doom – Suède)
19. Saccage (Black / Death / Thrash / Crust – Québec)
20. Necroabbot  死尸方丈 (Blackened Death / Thrash / Crust – Taiwan)
21. Stheno (Grind / Black Metal – Grèce)
22. Ayperos (D-Beat / Crust / Black Metal – Indonésie)
"In Black We Crust" artwork by Maxime Taccardi

“In Black We Crust” artwork by Maxime Taccardi

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