An Elusive Lady: Dogfish Head 120 Minute I.P.A. – craft beer review

An elusive “lady”…

Pours into a snifter. Deep amber colour with a white small head, that reduces to a thin lingering lacing.

Dogfish Head 120 minute I.P.A.

Dogfish Head 120 minute I.P.A.

Exceedingly intense aroma, in which we can detect orange marmalade, caramel, biscuit, raisins, with the alcohol (18%) being rather prevalent. Very light herbal/floral notes coming from the hops. As the brew warms up, a liqueur note is ascending, that gives a burning sensation to our nostrils, reminding us that the beer has been ageing (14/1/15). Not your average imperial IPA nose, intriguing and pungent, nevertheless.

A taste with an edge… Heavy sweetness, which consists of a malty backbone, along with alcohol, dried fruits (mostly prunes), bitter orange, cookies, ageing, and some wooden and honey notes. The hop character has toned down a great deal, hence we can barely perceive some piney hints, as a result of the abundance of the malt and the maturation, giving a mellow profile to the brew. Alcohol is even more pronounced as it’s getting warmer, but it’s surprisingly drinkable, considering this is a high-octane 18% behemoth of an ale, and quite a balanced one. The body isn’t as full and robust as someone would expect, but with an oily and a tad sticky texture. Mildly bitter and dry finish, with a long aftertaste.

The verdict… We have mixed feelings if this “lady” lives up to the hype of a world-class imperial IPA, since it’s failing in having the profile that the category suggests… On the other hand, it is definitely a fine paradigm, that extreme double IPAs can turn into sublime Barley wines with the aid of time… Or maybe, we should invent a new name: Quad IPA… Either way, and as the iconic troubadour, Ray Alder, so lyrically puts it “it’s just a point of view”… Intransigent hopheads, beware and keep away…

Not for the faint-hearted…


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