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The BETA testing gives you the opportunity to play the Siege of Shanghai map, which is basically one of the ten new maps introduced in the Battlefield 4 full game. I’ve played Battlefield 4 BETA since the first day of its release and I sincerely hope that developers will have enough time to fix errors and glitches and that it is not too late! I also hope that they will work with BETA testing, as Executive producer Patrick Bach said that even though the beta was released ‘quite late’, the developer still has the opportunity to listen to feedback and implement changes in the final version of the game. Now how many changes can be implemented in 15 days is difficult to judge, but I will make sure to come back once I purchase and experience the whole game and report on my findings!

Conquest Mode

battlefield 4 beta

There are two modes available in BETA: Conquest and Domination. Personally, I am no fan of domination modes in FPS and especially battlefield. This is because I feel that these kind of modes belong to different types of games (such as unreal tournament for example) and one of the main reasons I hated call of duty multiplayer.

In Conquest mode the objective is to hold the skyscraper. Your team needs to hold the ground or assault it. There are only two ways to reach the top of the skyscraper – either through the elevator, or via a helicopter. The fun part is that the team that assaults the skyscraper can decide to just blow it up by assaulting the columns that support the skyscraper with bombs and grenades. I happened to be at the rooftop when that happened. The only disappointment is that you go KIA before the whole thing goes down, I was really looking forward to record that dive

Once you capture the rooftop, you can either take elevator or simply jump off the roof and deploy your B.A.S.E jump chute in order to access the other two flag points. For those who are aware of the map and enemy position this can be funny as you can surprise them and shoot them while landing with your parachute.  It’s little things like this that make me love this game so much. Boats, helicopters, tanks and parachutes make the whole battle tactically rich and smart players will be able to outplay those who rely on a more domination style of game. My only concern is that once the skyscraper comes down, the remaining points become a proper slaughter house, with tanks and helicopters unloading with wrath everything they got on the spot, making it kinda impossible to cap.

Gameplay & Classes

BF4_betaI’m still waiting for something to indicate that this is a new Battlefield version, but for the moment I fail to see why this is a new release (4) and not a patch of Battlefield 3. Maybe when the full game is out I will be able to see the difference between these two versions so I will not go into more detail right now and will wait for the full review as it is unfair to judge with only one map available. I overall felt that snipping is harder than Battlefield 3. Reckons now carry C4 bombs which makes a good balance comparing to other classes and the deployment map is brilliant, though some people good at snipping will camp and shoot.


The graphics are really disappointing on the PC version. I was anticipating much more than this, even with the new Nvidia BETA  drivers on. In Conquest mode and when the skyscraper goes down, the whole city is covered with dust and while I can see what they are trying to do, I still think that the end result is horrible. AMD card users will suffer with the MSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) bug making the BETA unplayable while users with Nvidia 570 Ti and up will be able to enjoy the game on good graphic settings. Ultra is a no-no as you will suffer from low FPS and I would suggest a Nvidia GTX 660+ (or even GTX 650 Ti) before turning those settings up.

In regards to CPU, I run a Core i5 3.4Ghz which is overclocked up to 4.3Ghz and I had no problems at all. However, I’ve read in other reviews that the fairly inexpensive Core i3 or FX-4000-series CPU could be fast enough to handle the high pre-set without capping graphics performance.

Keep posted – I’ll report back next month once I experience the release in its full capacity.

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