What did the Battlefield Hardline leaked trailer show us

As we were waiting impatiently for the next Battlefield release, a version of a seven minute trailer video was leaked titled “Hardline”.

Ten seconds into the video and it was as if I were watching the new “Grand Theft Auto” trailer. Things became a bit clearer around 00:30 when I noticed all familiar maps and guns from the latest BF4 release, which is cool but the new concept is all about war on crime (!?) instead of war on a Battlefield. I have to say right off the bat that I was not sure that a Cops vs Criminals concept was really missing from the Battlefield blockbuster, especially one where the story line is about the ethical dilemma of good cops thinking of turning bad the moment they face a mountain of drug stock worth a couple of million pounds. This would be a hard one to pull off and I can already visualise people being hesitant as to if this is a step towards the right direction or not for Battlefield. I will leave this out for the time being, as it will come down to personal preferences (some people will be happy, others won’t, and some will buy and play it anyway).

Let us now have a look at the most important elements the seven minute trailer taught me about Battlefield Hardline:


Battlefield HardlineThe whole action takes place under a new map called “Omaha”. Omaha is all about fighting the crime with the story line being – as mentioned above – about a group of cops who discovered a couple of million dollards worth of drugs and having doubts as to whether to keep them or to turn the stock in to the authorities. My guess is that in single player you will be the cop that is not quite sure what to do. I just pray that the other cop that goes down the road of “sin” and decides to keep the cash flow is not your best friend cause that will make me want to instantly uninstall the game. I never found that moral stories tend to work within a FPS game where it is all about killing and blowing up stuff. In previous Battlefield releases what I liked was that whichever side you were picking, the target was always the same. It didn’t matter if you were Chinese or Russian, there wasn’t a moral story hidden behind such a selection (unless ofcourse you are Chinese or Russian) while now this isn’t the case.

Tactical Coordination is more important than ever. Haven’t been always be the case?

Moving on, the trailer claims that tactical coordination on a  multiplayer environment is more needed than ever. I will have to disagree as I always felt that this should be the case with multiplayer FPS games such as Battlefield, Counter Strike or any other FPS game I’ve played in my life really…..Ok nearly every FPS, I will exempt the horrible Allien: Colonial Marines and Unreal Tournament. Having said that, I am not sure why this is presented as a “new feature”.

Higher Skill Cap: Yes I can see a potential to that

I can see the excitement in going on a mission where you have to raid a bank and save the hostages, this will definitely add more skill to the game, you simply can not go in a room and go ballistic at anything that moves and looks like another human being (that is assuming you’ll lose the game if you accidentally kill hostages). I expect anticipation and quick reflexes to beat people who are only good at shooting anything on sight, definitely a move in the right direction.

Single Player Campaign Promises high AI intelligence on opponents

Single player campaigns looks ok even thought I know that most gamers skip this and jump directly to the multiplayer environment.  But the whole “cop” and “thug” feeling the game is trying to cross just doesn’t cut it for me so I will wait to play it before I discuss further. Just to say – as a first impression – that  I wouldn’t mind if it was released as a separate title, but no matter what sort of data dice and his team took into consideration for the creation of Battlefield Hardline’s concept, it should have never seen the light of day under the “Battlefield” trademark. Enemy AI has been redesigned…this might actually be interesting although I never felt it was lacking on hard mode levels or previous releases. At the end of the day from an AI perspective in the FPS industry nothing is worse than Allien: Collonian Marines.


To conclude, since such a concept was decided, I would expect to see more Counter Strike elements to this release purely from a concept point of view. The new weapons and kit you have at your disposal seem like a fine idea but I cant see how airplanes, helicopter and mini-gun fights Terminator Style can fit into crime fight scenery (the gunplay is really important to me when it comes to FPS games). Clearly its a move that is based on the brand awareness Battlefield has built over the last few years but maybe replacing the war elements with something closer to the new concept, such as more skirmishes for example, would be more ideal in supporting  this new cause.

I will definitely come back once the BETA is open for a full review. Until then enjoy the trailer and keep a close eye on the official page here http://www.battlefield.com/hardline

Disclaimer: For those who have never played Battlefield before and want to get a taste, you can now download Battlefield 3 for free via Origin web site.

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