COD:Ghosts Domination @ Octane + how to share video gameplay on the PS4

CODG DOMINATION@OCTANEEnjoy a textbook Call Of Duty: Ghosts Domination match at the Octane map plus a guide about how to save PS4 gameplay videos on your PC.

In the first three minutes I help my team to secure Bravo. After 3:36 I decimate the enemy team scoring 36 consecutive kills (going from a k:d of 5-7 to 41-8).

Remember the Domination mode`s golden rules

  1. Capture Bravo as early as possible in the match.
  2. Hold Bravo at all cost.
  3. Hold a 2nd flag for the majority of the match.

How to share videos with PS4`s embedded  share function

CODG DOMINATION@OCTANEThe gameplay above was captured with PS4’s embedded  function. Unfortunately and as of now, you cannot transfer captured videos directly from the PS4 to external storage, therefore you have to follow the cheatsheet below.

  1. At the end of the match or session that you want to capture, press the “Share” button on the Dualshock 4 controller. Remember that you can only capture 15′ of gameplay. Alternatively, by double pressing the “Share” button the system starts capturing gameplay from this point onwards.
  2. Choose Upload Video Clip then navigate per game to the clip you want to upload.
  3. Next screen lets you Edit the clip, which is very simple. Trim the loading screens or chose a particular highlight.
  4. When you’re ready click “Share”. Before doing that you must have linked your facebook account: Settings=>PSN=>Link with other services. If you only want to download the video to your PC and not share it with your FB friends/followers, set under the same menu Who can see my posts on Facebook to Only me.
  5. Once you click share the upload will start, and you can follow up the progress from the Notifications menu. If you have a crappy internet connection and the clip is quite big, chances are that the upload will fail for the first few times. Unfortunately there is not the possibility to resume, so you’ll have to start over. Patience!CODG DOMINATION@OCTANE with Legacy Future!
  6. Once the clip is uploaded you will see it posted on your FB feed.
  7. Then you must download the video to your PC by using an online Facebook video downloader like You copy the video’s URL (on Chrome for Windows: right click=>Copy link address) and paste it to the Enter Video URL input box.
  8. If you get a  Link Error : Maybe the Video is Private (not public) try using this Private Video Downloader, then you must click on the video and copy the source code. On Chrome you view the code by pressing <Ctrl> + U or via the menu (Tools=>View source), then copy/paste it to the input box of the Private Video Downloader.
  9. The Video Downloader will process the video’s source code and will provide you with the download links.
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