Shadow of Mordor Beginner’s Tips for PC

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a new world adventure game where a resurrected fighter (you) is looking to avenge the death of his beloved ones by going into a massacre spree against ORCs, Uruk and other creatures known by the LOTR fantasy world. While I am not a huge fan of the particular lore, nor the movie/books, the amazing graphics, movement and combat features, finishing combo moves and flexibility in building your own weapons with abilities and runes made me to purchase the game.

I spent a couple of hours exploring 3-4 different areas and will give you some tips that will hopefully save you time and help you progress faster. So without any delays here are some brief tips for those who start the game now:

Top Beginner Tips

If you can kill someone stealth…do it: There are three ways to kill someone. Stealth, distance (bow) or by close combat. If you can take someone stealth do it. Saves time, effort and you minimize any chances of being killed in combat. Assassins Creed fans wont have any problems adopting on this.

Try to finish your opponents early: While fighting an opponent, after successfully landing a couple of hitting blows, they will fall dizzy on the ground. Try to finish them at that point and do not give them the chance to stand up again unless you need to hit L2 in order to dodge a fatal blow from a nearby creture or orc.

Take down the archers first: Once surrounded by orcs you will simply not have the time to aim and shoot arrows at archers. Sometimes you don’t even have time to finish your abilities or an execution due to quick swaps from offensive to defensive. Take archers down first by either using your bow or by climbing close and assassinating them (stealth). Most of the times you’ll be able to do this without triggering any alarms. I suggest you practise this a lot as there are some missions later in the game when you will have some strict timers to achieve assassination that will be impossible to complete unless you can take down multiple targets in stealth.

Make sure you connect castles: Castles are your checkpoints. Connecting them together will allow you to travel around the map. There are two different ways to travel. Fast Travel and Advance Time. Choose the later if need darkness (night time) as your ally.

maps-shadow of mordor

When using your bow, aim for the head: Make sure that each time you use bow, you go for a headshot. Hitting any other body part will only slow down your target so use your arrows wisely…and aim high. The default focus time is more than enough to take down 4 opponents before engaging in close combat, so no need to upgrade focus abilities at start.

Make sure you use as many Interrogations as possible: Creatures with a green square around them hold information you need. I know that killing can be tempting but hit [Space] before you do that as those intel will help you a lot against chief captains.

If you are again one opponent only use E before killing it: This will restore your bow arrows and also damage the orc. Win win!

Try to get as many intel as possible before fighting a captain: Imagine you just finished a 3 min fight where you barely lived and all you needed to do was gain some distance and throw one elf head shot to finish the challenge in under 5 seconds (such as the fight VS GHAM THE TINY for instance).

 GHAM THE TINY - Shadow of Mordor.

Don’t Die against Captains: Each time you die, captains get promoted. Similar to your leveling and upgrading process, they also become stronger and harder to kill. Do not insist killing a captain by spamming your L1 and L2 harder. If it hasnt work so far, it wont. Try interrogating or upgrading your abilities more before jumping in again. He is simply stronger than before and you will not complete the mission. Get stronger, then deal with him.

Enter the wrath world often: In the wrath world [V] you will be able to restore health and collect artifacts which will help you progress the story line.

Enemy Awareness is not that great so take advantage of it: We can all agree that Orcs are stupid but I think this is a game design’s flaw. Awareness is poor to be honest. You can literaly walk in a group of three orcs, kill one and then sneak out while the other orcs will be pondering who did it. Making this a bit more realistic would improve the game a lot without increasing any sort of skillcap since the game provides you with lots of mechanisms to either fight or escape.

Bushes provide stealth protection: Each time you enter a bush you will automatically go stealth. This will NOT work if you are already in combat.hidding

Don’t be ashamed to hide if you have to: Yes sometimes you can not win a fight or a timed mission if you start killing everyone around you. Do not hesitate to use [G] for distraction or hide if you need to avoid a fight in order to finish the mission or because you simply cant win it.

First Tier Ability Explanation

Execution: Must have – Your hit strike is charged each time you hit your opponent 8 times. You will notice the number 8 on the top left corner of your screen.. Hitting F will execute your opponent.

Note: This will NOT work VS champions unless they are very low on health or almost dead. Try to switch to someone else and use the ability then and get them out of your way.

Detonate: Must have – Get this as fast as you can. I managed to take out 4 Orcs and 2 Caragor that were fighting around a camp fire by only throwing 1 arrow.

Detonate ability

Impact: Must have – Really useful for team fights as it will give you some time to either finish your opponent or defend VS others.

Wraith Stun: Must have – Stun enemies then follow with a flurry of sword striken. I usually hit [E] twice then L1. You will land a number of hitting blows with tremendous speed but remember you are not invulnerable. Note: Do not hesitate to stop your sword strikes in order to [L2] and dodge a blow from another opponent. As long as your sword glows blue you can switch back to your opponent and continue thje remaining blows.

Strike from above: What it says really. I didnt bother getting this but do it if you feel like it

Elven Swiuftness: Temporary speed boost [Space] while running plus 1 hit streak.. Can be fun to use and offer some quick kills but I found found myself using it a lot.

Good luck and hope you enjoy your game play. I will come back as I progress with advanced tips as well as Tier 2 and 3 Ability points and Runes explanation and choices.

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