Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Review

fear the walking dead posterFear the walking dead, the much anticipated sister TV series (prequel) to the mega-hit “The Walking Deadhit a record high in viewings last night with 10.1 million people watching it. Zombie series is very debatable in terms of reviews as it seems on one hand that there is a cult followership loving it, and on the other people who can’t stand it. However this is not your ordinary zombie series, since it is supposed to show viewers the early days of the outbreak we witness in the past  5 seasons in The Walking Dead. Having said that, expectations are quiet high. I didn’t bother watching videos or preview clips before episode 1 was aired last night and to be honest with you, what I am looking to find from this series (as I am sure you do to) is how the outbreak started. Now that we know the biggest secret which was revealed at the end of season 2 (everyone is infected), Fear the walking dead is supposed to explore how this outbreak started, how every single human living being was infected and what was the original intention behind this engineered virus. I was really hoping for not another zombie series, maybe the last episode being how the first human was turned.

I wasn;t able to wait any longer so I sit down, light my smoke and get a cold beer. Series stats and 2 minutes later I see this….

gloria first zombie - fear the walking dead

….so much for wishful thinking.

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 1 in a nutshell

First zombies are people who died from various causes: First episode is all about a young teenager (Nick) who wakes up to an abandoned place mostly used by drag addicts only to find out his girlfriend eating one of his friends. My assumption was that the girl died from overdose and then – as seen in the walking dead – turned and start killing people. This was confirmed later when Nick killed in self-defense his friend and dealer Calvin who also converted. That means that we still don’t know the cause, only the effect.

Slow and boring: Most of the episode runs with Nick family believing that he is insane or used some hardcore drugs and imagine things, while various small events, disappearances and internet rumors indicates that the outbreak just started. That is ok, if you remember the first episode of walking dead was also slow but spending a whole hour around this made me yawn a couple of times. I mean the acting is ok but I feel that there was too much unnecessary time spent on the characters while they could develop the story far better, for example some explanations around the outbreak or more events with zombies. Remember that we have already seen this once and people don’t need repetitive stuff or more wowed reactions around this, that is the idea of a prequel anyways.

Zombies actually look like humans: Unlike the walking dead zombies, since here we are talking about the beginning of the apocalyptic event, most zombies look like normal people….apart the slow walking, their white eyes and the blood in their mouths of course.

Second Season already announced meaning: ..that we might end up seeing nothing more or less than what we saw today, with the exception that more zombies are coming and the army is involved (see sneak peak of episode 2 on the video): 

In my view, when you spend your whole pilot showing almost nothing of narrative significance, and season one is 6 episodes, I have to wonder if the rest 5 episodes will be pretty much the same with nothing from the real story being told, keeping it for season 2. The extended length of the family introduction worries me from the pov that they are trying to set a story rolling around the characters, a TV production characteristic that most of the times lead to a slow paced series.

No more stories from broken families please: Not sure if this a trend but why in every single series I see lately, all the people involved must come from a screwed background (we saw something similar with True Detective 2 where pretty much every character is fucked up). A drug addict, a daughter who doesnt like her mother, a step father who his son hates him, all of them divorced etc etc.

Production looks awesome: Production and photography is really awesome with a cinematography touch never seen before in TV series. Los Angeles scenery is also great as it gives a rural touch I almost forgot in “The Walking Dead” since Rick and Co roam between the country side and farms the last couple of years.

All in all, I will stick with it and watch all 6 episodes hoping that a slow start will give us a killer finale, and hopefully the answers we’ve been looking for. I will make sure to come back and write what “Fear of the Walking Dead” taught us, after season 1 is over.

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