Autoclav1.1 Werewolf Country CD Review

It is not a secret that this is one of my favorite bands, primarily because of it’s constant musical progression in each and every release, making Autoclav1.1 a distinctive reference into the IDM scene. With an album release almost every year, Werewolf Country (his 10th album, following up the very successful “” and in stores for quiet some time now), is published WTII a US label for lots of diverse bands such as E.S.A, Chant & Regenerator to name a few.

I was highlighting on my last review that “ten one point one” opened a new era for the band. There was a natural progression in composition and musical ideas from “Love no longer lives here” up until  “Embark on Departure“, however in his latest album we witness a progression in terms of both sound and noise selections as well as diversification in Tony’s musical taste.

I kind of expected that as a natural continuation of his anniversary album , but what I definitely didn’t see coming was “Earworm“: ,

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Now this is such a sneaky surprise and since this is the only track in the album embracing dubestep bass and other relevant elements, I am a bit puzzled if Tony simply did it…because he can, or if he is after a more aggressive sound for his future releases. My ear expect certain instruments when it comes down to emotional expressions, in particular piano and orchestral sounds, but this time Tony Young gamed his own signature, with the final outcome being exceptional. More of this please!

Tall tails and hate trails follows up, and I am pretty confident that Tony is very proud of this song as somehow I sense it is the closest musical piece of what he tried to achieve on previous releases (shoot me if I am wrong). The sound production is exceptional as there are a lot of hidden gems within the sound layers, you will need to listen very careful in order to understand how complex this composition is. IDM at its finest.

Gabriel_Knight_The_Beast_WithinWerewolf Country, is by far the darkest track ever composed by Autoclav1.1, even though I thought nothing will ever bypass 6 minutes to live. Dark ambient atmospherics, slow evolving pads and soundscapes compose a demonic track never heard before in any of the previous 9 releases. This could easily be part of a soundtrack for a horror film or even better the old school video game “The beast within” – Gabriel Knight (with the themaotology being ofcourse Werewolfs).

Amitriptyline Nun Chuff will bring back some of the band’s trademarks such as the piano, violins and down tempo drums, however the chilling atmosphere from Werewolf Country is still present, making it a very nice follow up.

Twaddle & Nato Standard is one of my favorite tracks, definitely a more experimental approach compared to the previous songs, based on some amazing sampling sequences & beat crushing, before Constructive Dismissal calm down the storm.

If you have spotify then do give a listen to the album below, otherwise you can find it at WTII web site.

To conclude, I am very happy with the album. I heavily disagree with  some people claiming that this should have been a side-project. If you have followed this band throughout the years you would have seen the changes coming. Yes it is more experimental than the previous releases and yes it has some Dubstep elements but Tony has successfully taken these sounds and adjusted them to the band’s personality which is why I feel Werewolf Country deserves your attention.


01. Short Pier
02. Earworm
03. Tall Tails And Hate Trails
04. Werewolf Country
05. Amitriptyline Nun Chuff
06. Digital Download Devaluation
07. Twaddle
08. Constructive Dismissal
09. Nato Standard
10. Just Do One


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