Blitzkrieg Baby: Kids’ World EP Review

Blitzkrieg baby kids world ep

I have to admit that Blitzkrieg Baby chose the hard music road. Not that musicians can control their creativity and influences, but choosing a road full of soundscapes and electronic experimental sounds makes it always harder to appeal  than choosing the more commercial path, if I may say. Having said that, what we are dealing here is not simply an industrial EP, but a very specific industrial genre release that will appeal to few. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing!

The album kicks off with “Kid’s World” and literally after 20 seconds of listening to the track I thought that I have just discovered my first love from childhood. Industrial loops, heavy soundscapes performed as lead pads, deep orchestral male vocals, sampled old school drums in a dark militaristic atmosphere; I haven’t felt like this for more than a decade now. It’s like a collaboration of Laibach and World Serpent Bands (in particular Death in June)  with the first being responsible for the music and the latter about the atmosphere and overall music/vocal attitude.

The second track “Loop” is basically what the title says, 1-2 loops playing continuously over some sampled vocals, definitely not my favorite moment mainly due to the fact I was hammered by the opener and felt that this song was not the best follow up to “Kid’s World”. “Swine” was similar to “Loop” but with the addition of spoken vocals instead of samples, “Those they vould not fuck, they kill”, carries on the same tempo until we reach to “Half pig, half man” which will be liked a lot by noise and power noise fans, my second favorite of this album; even though I would love if they were a bit more aggressive with it. The album finishes with the rest four tracks musically moving to similar paths with the other songs with “Broken Child” being the best and most melodic (if I may use this word, sorry guys!) moment.

I mentioned above that I was a bit concerned with “Swine” track as I was expecting something different as a follow up to the fantastic intro. This is my only concern for this release – but not as a track follow up – rather for the album as a whole. That expectation was never met through the whole listen, I felt that there was something to be said here that was never said really. I do not know if it is my fault and that “Kid’s world” created high expectations for me, but I just finished a second listen of the promo and I still wait for something to happen in each and every single one song, to get me somewhere, to make a big impact; but that never comes. It sticks more to the ideas and loops they present the first minute or so rather than working in building up the music and taking it to the next level. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like the album. I did, and there are some really cool and great moments in it, but I will expect more from them on the next realease. Besides they created this expectation to me, so blame them 😉

Kids’ World EP is released through Beläten, the Swedish cassette label known for artists like Trepaneringsritualen, Mika Vainio, Sutekh Hexen, and Xiu, amongst others. It will be released on both cassette and digital-download formats.

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Tracklist side A
1. Kids’ World
2. Loop
3. The Swine Supremacy
4. Those They Could Not Fuck, They Killed

Tracklist side B
5. Half Pig Half Man
6. Broken Child
7. Incinerator Symphony No. I
8. Children In Uniform MMXIII
9. Your Happy Place

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