DEATHCULT “Beasts Of Faith” CD LP review

Amongst the hordes of mediocre takes on old-school death metal that waste our time ever since the genre came into fashion again, DEATHCULT rape the competition with their new album “Beasts Of Faith”!

I have first noticed the band a few years ago while being in touch with another excellent Swiss outfit, the majestic Bölzer, with whom they share common members. One thing leading to another, I’ve invited both to contribute to Monomaniac vol.4 – the latest installment in the  one-minute song compilation series that I’m putting together via my label Blastbeat Mailmurder.

With the notoriety that the excellent “Demo ’12” helped them gain, including physical editions produced on all formats, a lot of anticipation has been accumulating for their debut full-length effort.

Now that it has landed on our platters, I can definitely state that it was more than worth the wait, becoming what is in my book possibly the finest album of European old-school death metal to emerge since the golden days of early 00’s, when acts such as KAAMOS, REVOKATION, REPUGNANT, NUCLEAR WINTER, DELVE/VERMINOUS, have resurrected the ways of old.

“possibly the finest album of European old-school death metal to emerge since the golden days of early 00’s”

What DEATHCULT share in common with the aforementioned units is an uncanny talent for the composition of unrelenting, hard-hitting tunes who are catchy as fuck, letting most of their boring peers sound as if they’re firing blanks.

With a release date set to 26 September 2016, brace yourselves for the CD edition released by Invictus Productions (Ireland) and later, for the vinyl version courtesy of Iron Bonehead (Germany).


01 Barren Land
02 Beasts of Faith
03 Hammer of Golgotha
04 Death in July
05 A Foul Glint
06 Discreate Homunkulus
07 The Sick Within
08 Evil Dead
09 An Accurst Procession

Deathcult BOFCD cover Deathcult band photo

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