Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns soundtrack via iam8bit

Following the amazing 3-LP limited edition release of HotLine Miami 2 earlier this year, iam8bit decided to teamup with ArenaNet (publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise), in order to release a special Collector’s Edition 2xLP Vinyl featuring the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns soundtrack on 180-gram colored vinyl.

For those who want to have a listen before pre-ordering on iam8bit web site, here is the complete playlist on YouTube:

You can find the complete tracklist below:


1. Heart of Thorns Theme
2. Maguuma Overture
3. The Pact Laid Waste
4. The Jungle Provides
5. Jaka Itzel
6. View from the Canopy


7. Faren’s Flier
8. Quaggan Command
9. Far From Home
10. Auric Wilds
11. An Exalted Lullaby
12. Glint’s Legacy


13. Tarir, The Forgotten City
14. Attack on Tarir
15. Leaving Tarir
16. Tangled Depths
17. Rata Novus


18. Taming the Jungle
19. SCAR
20. Teku Nuhoch
21. Dragon’s Stand
22. Mouth of Mordremoth
23. Hearts and Minds
24. Mordremoth

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