NECROBLOOD “Collapse of the Human Race” black/death metal album review and bandcamp stream

Parisian old-school metal band NECROBLOOD have penetrated violently my musical microcosm back in 2011.

They have done so with the best credentials that an underground metal band could possibly have according to my book: a debut self-titled 7”EP released by Spikekult, the ground breaking undead record label of Antaeus/Aosoth frontman MkM – responsible for such seminal releases as DEMONCY’s “Joined In Darkness” original vinyl edition and ARKHON INFAUSTUS “Dead Cunt Maniac” 7”EP.

The “Second Blood” 7”EP released two years later has confirmed the high expectations and made me invite them to contribute to Blastbeat Mailmurder’s Monomaniac vinyl series.

“Commander Of The 66 Legions”, their contribution, somehow didn’t make it in time for Monomaniac vol.4, finding its way instead to “Jesus Fucking Wept vol.1”  5-way split alongside Ogdru Jahad (DK), Necroholocaust (CA), Weregoat (US), and Impure Worship (GR).

“Collapse of the Human Race” is their freshly released and long awaited debut album. Across its 9 tracks their talent can at last shine long enough for us to deep dive uninterrupted into the ominous, regressive metal trip of theirs.

NECROBLOOD’s obsession and dedication to the almighty riff, as well as their flair for catchy, irresistible tunes, makes the album have the rare quality of being accessible beyond the extreme metal audience.

Take “Sadistik Hunt”’s main riff for example: the fact that it’s so simple yet so crushing is pure scandal! Other highlights include “Operation Gomorrah” with its superbly majestic guitar work, and closing track “The Omen” during which the ominous atmosphere of the album peaks with addictive drum beats and memorable guitar breaks.

The dual vokills, chainsaw relentlessness, and old-school black/death vibes (especially from the Finnish and American scenes) remind me strongly of early ARKHON INFAUSTUS circa “Hell Injection” (btw – word on the street is that A.I. are back together, albeit with a  new line-up!).

Last but not least, the production is deliciously analog and crushingly down tuned.

Amor Fati handles the CD and Iron Bonehead is responsible for the limited LP release. I have the latter and it is a very solid edition: sturdy gatefold jacket with black flood inside, 140g vinyl, insert and A2 poster. What are you waiting for? Support this fantastic band now!

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  • Interview with LEGACY FUTURE (soon)

NECROBLOOD “Collapse of the Human Race” vinyl packaging. Out now on Iron Bonehead Productions!

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