Indie classic LIMBO is getting a Commodore 64 remake!

2010's LIMBO is one of my favorite independent video games. I originally played it on the Xbox 360, which was the platform that initiated me to  modern indie gaming, back at the scene's boom 10 years ago - other Read more

Legacy Future messing around with Unreal Tournament Alpha

Last time I played Unreal Tournament was back in 2002-2003 when I ended up 4th in the European Lan Tournament. Thought to get my hands on Unreal tournament Alpha version 2017. Messy gameplay (its been a while and I Read more

Reverorum Ib Malacht “Ter Agios Numini” album review and soundcloud excerpt

I must give credit for discovering REVERORUM IB MALACHT to longtime comrade John Gossard (Dispirit, ex-Asunder, ex-Weakling)! [soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] Strangely enough, following his words of praise back in the early 10’s I haven’t instantly listened to Read more

GOATVERMIN "Detruire" black/death metal album review and bandcamp stream

The first quarter of 2017 sees the spectacular return of French black/death metal, thanks to the debut albums of three excellent bands: Ritualization, Necroblood and Goatvermin. The timing couldn’t be better as there exist strong rumors that Arkhon Infaustus, Read more

INFESTER “To the Depths, in Degradation” death metal re-release review and youtube stream

Re-releases of “best kept secret” type of old bands, usually package attractively mediocre quality content using 80’s/90’s nostalgia and vinyl fetishism. Even when the music is good, most such bands were mere clones back at the day, therefore their (re-) Read more

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT (UK) “Hatred For Mankind” CD Review

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This album entered instantly extreme metal’s collective subconscious thanks to the sinister artwork by Justin Barlett (get all the background about the making of the artwork here)!dragged-into-sunlight-hatred-for-mankind

Hailing from the U.K., D.I.S. are a mysterious band, its bands concealing their identities and appearing in band photos wearing full face masks. Thankfully they can backup this anonymous approach, as well as the aforementioned artwork with some remarkably ominous metal.
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HECQ: AVENGER CD Hymen Records

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The ever prolific Ben Lukas Boysen returns with his Hecq project this time basing his output on a cross hybrid of super heroes and Mexican wrestlers; the artwork comes from Mexican street artist Saner and if you hunt down


the limited version of this album you are ludicrously going to be walking away with a Mexican wrestlers mask. Want.
So onto the music; you know, I simply haven’t got a bad word to say about Hecq, not one iota… it’s ridiculous that I can pick up any of his albums and mumble the word ‘amazing’ and this again is no exception; ‘With Angels’ is a prime of example of the word with beats so masterfully cut up alongside visceral power from the electronics, couple this with ‘Pulverised’ this is sheer legendary heart stirring stuff musically. You can forget the likes of Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin and the like because Hecq makes a mockery of them all.
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HAUJOBB: Dead Market CDEP Tympanik AUdio

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It’s been absolutely ages since we heard from Daniel Myer’s main project Haujobb and boy has it been well worth the wait with this prelude to the forthcoming album ‘New World March’. This EP comprises of 2 new tracks in the haujobb-deadmarket-coverform of the title track and a mix of another new track ‘Letting the Demons Sleep’ along with five mixes of Dead Market along with an extended mix.
So onto the main track itself; it reeks of pure Haujobb with pulsating bass and beat structures and futuristic electronics along with Daniel’s vocals sounding better than ever, it’s psychotic and off kilter and thoroughly engaging and things are looking good for this project circa 2011.
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ABS6 – Audiomedikation CD Review, Hymen Records

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An array of styles clash and ultimately combine on this release from IDM to electro and ambient structures melding drum and bass into twisted scattered concoctions that remind you of a time when we were bombarded with music from the Warp generation.abs6Many an artist can be cited when listening to ‘Audiomedikation’; ‘Aphex Twin’, ‘Venetian Snares’ and the like. This is done unashamedly and I believe this is the intention, and who are we to argue with the main influx of work from such artists being of a high visual presence if not always of the highest quality; it’s still respected work.
Complex and in some part quite vicious with the assault on the senses this does keep you intrigued for the most part with cut up electronics and frenetic beats that weave and turn on themselves almost at will giving the listener no quarter to absorb upon first listen what is going on in its entirety.
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The Rorschach Garden – 42 Times around the sun (Cd Review)

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Retro returns with this sixth full length album after six years; An upbeat and none stop jaunt of all things alternative with a heavy lean on early eighties classic electronic pop.rorschachgarden
Nostalgic but modern this is a genuinely eclectic affair, but really isn’t one for everyone… with the pace of ‘DAF’, hints of ‘Devo’ and whatnot it pretty much says where this album starts and where it ends; this could be firmly slotted on a shelf between ‘The Human League’, ‘Ultravox’, and whatnot, the list goes on and on.
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Scott Sturgis is back. For those of you who like the works of Converter and Pain Station etc this probably isn’t what you were expecting however. Stepping into realms of the psychedelic and delving into more ambient textures

lownessand beats you will get more of a feel for what Lowness is all about; its blatantly evident on track one ‘Bridges’ where everything builds upon itself, layering in an almost post-rock fashion; its trippy and out there, dreamlike and to put it bluntly, pretty damn good.

Things almost take a turn for the tribal (almost) on ‘Rains’ with heavy, thick sopping wet bass lines that lay the concrete for far away guitar riffs.
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