Rippikoulu are back after 21 years with new album titled “Ulvaja”

Rippikoulu Ulvaja CoverWell well if this isn’t the biggest surprise to date. The long anticipated third release from finish Death/Doom metal band Rippikoulu is set to be released in two weeks time!

Those not aware with the band probably didn’t realise that I am sarcastic since “Ulvaja” is indeed the band’s third release in….well 21 years, and to be fair noone saw it coming (how could you afterall).

Rippikoulu became known through a demo tape released back in 1993 “Musta Seremonia” resulting in the creation of some sort of cult/fanatic death/doom metal fan base, then noone ever heard a thing for roughly 20 years.

In terms of sound and play style, Rippikoulu have always been sitting on the fence, between death and doom metal (even thought I always felt they sound like old-school slow death) and this release is no exception, apart maybe the small (2:30mins) mid track titled “Loputoon” which does brings some black metal elements on the table. While some fans claimed that “Musta Seremonia” sounded more doom than death, in “Ulvaja” we have 18 minutes of pure mid-paced death metal (with some new elements such as female vocals and set pianos) which will literally blow you away.

None of the songs are more than mid-paced, and Ulvaja is a 18-minute work in three movements but I guarantee that you will enjoy every single second of it. It will be avaliable in digital, CD and vinyl format.

What a come back!


01 Jää hyvästi kaunis kesä
02 LoputonDownload Track
03 Ulvaja

To be released on Friday the 13th in June. Along with this new release a reissue of “Musta Seremonia” will be made available through Svart Records.


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