Reverorum Ib Malacht “Ter Agios Numini” album review and soundcloud excerpt

I must give credit for discovering REVERORUM IB MALACHT to longtime comrade John Gossard (Dispirit, ex-Asunder, ex-Weakling)! Strangely enough, following his words of praise back in the early 10’s I haven’t instantly listened to any of their records. This is Read more

GOATVERMIN "Detruire" black/death metal album review and bandcamp stream

The first quarter of 2017 sees the spectacular return of French black/death metal, thanks to the debut albums of three excellent bands: Ritualization, Necroblood and Goatvermin. The timing couldn’t be better as there exist strong rumors that Arkhon Infaustus, Read more

INFESTER “To the Depths, in Degradation” death metal re-release review and youtube stream

Re-releases of “best kept secret” type of old bands, usually package attractively mediocre quality content using 80’s/90’s nostalgia and vinyl fetishism. Even when the music is good, most such bands were mere clones back at the day, therefore their (re-) Read more

NECROBLOOD “Collapse of the Human Race” black/death metal album review and bandcamp stream

Parisian old-school metal band NECROBLOOD have penetrated violently my musical microcosm back in 2011. They have done so with the best credentials that an underground metal band could possibly have according to my book: a debut self-titled 7”EP released by Read more

ANTAEUS "Condemnation" black metal album review and bandcamp stream

Last year, Antaeus have ended out of the blue 10 years of discographic absence with their fourth album, “Condemnation”. Due to the evolution and mutation of the genre, it is now clearer than ever what is the position that the Read more

PERTURBATOR New Album “The Uncanny Valley”

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Perturbator album 4 is titled “The Uncanny Valley”. The uncanny valley is a phenomenon in robotics engineering whereby a humanoid robot bearing a near-identical [but not perfect] resemblance to a human causes a response of revulsion among the observer. The “valley” refers to a dip in the graph of comfort level as humanoid subjects move toward a healthy, natural human likeness. The album is fully recorded, mixed, mastered, and finished. Artwork is currently underway, and the band expects a release date around late 2015 / early 2016.

So far Perturbator released a small teaser on YouTube for one of their new songs titles “Assault”.

Until the new release hit the stores, you can listen to their latest album “Dangerous Days”.

Fear the Walking Dead Premiere Review

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fear the walking dead posterFear the walking dead, the much anticipated sister TV series (prequel) to the mega-hit “The Walking Deadhit a record high in viewings last night with 10.1 million people watching it. Zombie series is very debatable in terms of reviews as it seems on one hand that there is a cult followership loving it, and on the other people who can’t stand it. However this is not your ordinary zombie series, since it is supposed to show viewers the early days of the outbreak we witness in the past  5 seasons in The Walking Dead. Having said that, expectations are quiet high. I didn’t bother watching videos or preview clips before episode 1 was aired last night and to be honest with you, what I am looking to find from this series (as I am sure you do to) is how the outbreak started. Now that we know the biggest secret which was revealed at the end of season 2 (everyone is infected), Fear the walking dead is supposed to explore how this outbreak started, how every single human living being was infected and what was the original intention behind this engineered virus. I was really hoping for not another zombie series, maybe the last episode being how the first human was turned.

I wasn;t able to wait any longer so I sit down, light my smoke and get a cold beer. Series stats and 2 minutes later I see this….

gloria first zombie - fear the walking dead

….so much for wishful thinking.

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E.S.A Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt.3: Penance

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ESA’s (Electronic Substance Abuse) sound is always a hard one to pin down. Taking influences initially from rhythmical noise acts, the overall structures have developed and integrated countless influences from the broad spectrum of alternative and extreme music. The tone of ESA is harsh and oppressive, dripping with destructive and corroded grooves whilst still emanating sub conscious melodies and a strong sense of Spirituality. ESA’s compositions are undoubtedly threatening and offensive floor stomping club tunes but also twist and churn enough to warrant more attentive listening.

With the much revered ‘Themes 1 & 2’ releases causing such a stir within the noise and harsh industrial scene, ESA’s creator, Jamie Blacker, is ready to unleash the closing album to this destructive trilogy; Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt.3 : Penance. From the anthemic rhythms of “2nd Movement” to the tribal chants of “Juju Yako,” Blacker calls this ESA’s most complete work to date.

Here is a video preview of their latest work:

Or SoundCloud should you prefer just ears and no eyes.

Grave Pleasures (x-Beastmilk) to release debut album “Dreamcrash” on September 4th via Sony

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grave pleasures - beastmilkLast year I was closing Beastmilk’s debut album “Climax” review with the following words: “All in all this album is a fantastic release and definitely one of the best listens I’ve had this year. “Climax” gives me hope that there is still life in a scene that many pundits rushed to claim “dead”. Want to name it “Album of the year”? “Best newcomer on the scene”? Best debut in 2013”? Whatever you choose to me it doesnt really matter. This is something to monitor closely and the future can only be bright for them.”

Consequently, news that BEASTMILK guitarist, Johan “Goatspeed” Snell, has decided to parted ways with band,  came as a shock since its been years for a newcomer to receive so many promising and raving reviews across the board. Thankfully most of its members, as well as SONY Comulbia who signed the band with a new contract, decided to sign under a new name “Grave Pleasure” with their debut album “Dreamcrash” set to be released next month.

We will be writting in detail once we hear the new album but until then, here is a teaser of one of the new songs “New Hip Moon”.


Lindemann – Skills in Pills, fail to meet expectations

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lindemann skills in pills promo picI remember a couple of years ago when SEGA announced the new Allien:Colonial Marines game, a high anticipated FPS based on the cult movie Alien 2. It must have been more than a year I was spamming refresh on the SEGA web site, waiting impatiently for a release date announcement. Needless to say I purchased the game immediately and it took only 40 minutes to understand 100% how AI engine works, the sloppy job in graphics, the horrible game play and eventually abandon it. Alien:Colonial Marines was the ultimate disappointment in terms of anticipation vs end product for hard core alien fans forcing SEGA to admit that the trailers were misleading and that the game failed to meet expectations.

Why I say all this on a review about Lindemann’s debut album “Skills in Pills”? Because this release reminded me a lot what I felt with this long anticipated FPS.

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David Hasselhoff performs the lead track ’TRUE SURVIVOR’ of Kickstarter Sensation Kung Fury!

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CHAOS&BLASPHEMY: Jesus Fucking Wept vol.1 split-LP is out now!

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Some of the world’s most radical and chaotic black/death acts have answered to Blastbeat Mailmurder’s call for the first volume of a new vinyl series dedicated to chaos & blasphemy, Jesus Fucking Wept!


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Debut EP “X2A” by Aevin released on 16th of February

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The debut EP “X2A” by the Greek digital media artist Aevin released on 16th of February under the German label Raumklang Music Records (Dirk Geiger, Huron, Basementgrrr). The sound mastering was done Anatoly Tokee Grinberg of the Unguided Tactical Sounds Corp. The album’s concept is metamorphosis. The tracks work as a storytelling of one’s transformation from the past experiences to the present self.

Nostalgic piano motifs, and staccato beats punctuated by sonic interference reminisce over days gone by, while glitches throbbing in the cocoon of the skull clear away the cobwebs and the fog of sleep.

‘X2A’ transports the listener to powerful places of change—to the darkness and neon of the dancefloor temple and the secret room between the ears.

Aevins’ debut EP leaves the listener with the feeling that something of the old remains within the new, something tempered into the present, through the alchemy of the past. Brain-scrubbing beats, scanning across the auditory feld,  reawakening the senses.

The album features two exclusive remixes by Conjecture (Raumklang Music) and Totakeke (Tympanik Audio, HANDS label)

The Destiny Crucible sessions#2

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Watch some sweet Destiny\Crucible\Control footage courtesy of Apocon, my brother in arms ever since the glorious Call Of Duty 4 days of the 9/11 clan which terrorized Xbox Line, circa 2007-2009!

The gameplay was captured on PS4. More to come soon enough. Enjoy!


Party like if it’s 1996! Retro F.P.S. STRAFE needs your support and has the best video game trailer ever!

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STRAFE is a retro F.P.S. that needs your support. It also has the best video game trailer EVER and an unexpectedly shitcool official website that will remind to old-timers the dawn of the webernet.

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